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Why Does Your Business Need WordPress Website?

Why Does Your Business Need Wordpress Website

Why Choose WordPress For Your Business?

Over 74 million websites worldwide of all types and all business sizes use WordPress to publish new content every second. Millions are using it to consume content every day, be the one in a million WordPress users. If you are thinking of creating a new WordPress website for your business, then the Internest Agency is here to deliver an incredible web experience. Consider the following 6 reasons how WordPress adds value to your business purpose.

wordpress for your business

Why is WordPress suitable for all web Designers & Developers?

For website designers and developers WordPress is one of the best platforms to create websites. WordPress offers customized  themes to the web designers which make their process pretty simple. The drag and drop option & plugins with more functionalities are the main advantage for web designers to pick WordPress for creating business & blog websites. Internest, having 6+ years of rich Industry experience and provides high standard WordPress websites for many bigger brands.

1 Reliable & Open-Source:

WordPress is the most used platform by people worldwide, which shows how reliable it is. Furthermore, WordPress powers 34% of all websites worldwide. If the platform weren’t reliable, it wouldn’t be so widely used. Big names like TED, TechCrunch and CNN all use WordPress.

Another highlighting feature is that WordPress is open-source, and it’s completely free. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business website or a personal website, the fact that WordPress doesn’t take a single penny from your pocket. It is a significant incentive to use it. While getting into the business website, money plays a major role. So choosing WordPress will make your business drive more traffic and be cost-effective. At the same time, there are fees associated with using WordPress if you only decide to host with them or upgrade to a higher-level template.

WordPress.org, is the platform for hosting the website, purchasing a domain name, and running a business through their website. WordPress will help small business owners to create a customized and comfortable website with a tight budget.

2 Open-Source Platform, Customization & Simple Setup Process:

Open Source

WordPress is the best open-source platform with wide developer, themes and plugins support. You can download and use the code available in the WordPress Codex to add functionality to your business website. This makes WordPress a preferred choice for small businesses and organizations. Another major highlight for choosing WordPress for your business is the easy installation process. When it comes to customization & adaptability, WordPress is flexible enough to satisfy all your business needs with its plugins support.

Easy Setup

Business owners don’t want to get stuck with slow running sites. WordPress hosting plans from reputable companies such as Siteground, WP Engine or Flywheel will host your business website without any flaws. The managed hosts take care of your one-click installation and make it easy for you to focus on business, not the server. WordPress’ easy to use dashboard system makes website setup easy for all.

3 SEO & Mobile Friendly:

SEO Friendly

Every business owner’s dream is to rank their website higher on search engines & pull more traffic to their website. WordPress websites will help to achieve it for the business owners. Google is the most used search engine, with almost 90% of the online searches coming from Google. So you shall use WordPress for it because Google loves WordPress sites more than any other. WordPress websites are SEO friendly with exceptionally clean & high standards and easy-to-read codes. It makes it simple for Google search engine spiders to index and crawl their sites and rank better. This platform gives meta tags with keywords to all pages and posts, allowing for more precise search optimization.

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Mobile Friendly:

WordPress provides best mobile friendly responsive themes for your business websites that are adaptable for all resolutions and devices. Also, there are many plugins for mobile responsive which make the website load faster and give a pleasant experience to your visitors. Nowadays, Google is penalizing the websites that aren’t mobile-friendly and ranking them lower on their result pages because people don’t wait for the slow load business websites. It provides a great look to your business websites that results in a higher conversion rate.

4 Security Access & Broad Variety of Themes:

Securely Accessible

WordPress platforms give more security to your business website. Since WordPress is currently the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world, you need to protect your content & other stuff from vulnerable attacks. To avoid data loss, you need to invest in secure hosting, a clean theme and consider occasional backups for your website to your drive or local computer. WordPress is a powerful CMS and web development platform. When it comes to providing security, WordPress is the best and takes care of your business websites by releasing regular updates and security patches. It creates a safer web environment for your business websites. Further, many plugins help tighten your website security.

Wide Website Themes Option For You

A perfect design that conveys your business values is the essential factor for creating a business website. In WordPress, you can opt for pre-designed free or paid themes. You can choose the high-quality WordPress themes from the WordPress.org theme directory & WPExplorer free themes. All of these themes are beautifully designed for creating an interactive website. You can use a drag and drop page builder, simple visual customization options, and many ready-made web templates with just a few clicks. The small business owners can choose website templates according to their industries like accounting, restaurants, luxury hotels, education institutions, automobile industries, home appliances stores and more in  Themeforest and Envato Market.

5 Plugin Options For Every Feature For The Businesses:

Plugins are generally easy to install and use; additionally, they provide more functionality to your website. WordPress offers more than 50,000 free plugin developments for eCommerce options & for all other business features like 3rd party transactions, image optimization, SEO purposes, contact forms, adding customer testimonials, college results & so. You can choose different WordPress plugins that suit your business purposes freely from  WordPress plugins & premium plugins from marketplaces including CodeCanyon, ThemeIsle, and more.

Plugin Options For Every Feature For The Businesses

6 Great Community Support For All The Issues:

In WordPress, you have an easy way to solve all your technical problems with some excellent support team & other techies using it worldwide. The WordPress Codex is the best place to make your problem solved instantly. WordPress is a powerful online web development platform globally and known for its excellent online support system & wide community & discussion forums. Following that, tons of WordPress blogs share tips and guides that will be highly helpful for the users.

We Work For Your Business

If you are amazed and changed your mindset to create WordPress websites for your business purpose, then we are here to do it for your business. Internest Agency, front runner of creating WordPress websites with functionalities that are mobile responsive for many industries include colleges, online stores, graphic design agency and more. Connect with us and create the WordPress website for all your business needs.

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