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Invideo – Our Favourite Video Creating Platform

In Video Our Favourite Video Creating Platform

Brands are investing more in video marketing as videos become a mandatory content type. This is quite natural as moving visual + audio contents are performing better than an image. Quite a few years all social media platforms gradually made changes in their algorithm, where videos with high-quality content & engagement get more reach than other content types. 

Here are some immediate stats for you:

YouTube: Over 1 Billion hours of videos are watched every single day.
Facebook: Around 100 Million hours of videos are watched every single day.
Instagram: Over 500 million daily actives are watching videos on every single day.
Source: Wyzowl

Internest Agency is always aware of these trends, we knew that video marketing is going to be a significant part of brand communication. To bring the quality output for videos, we have been experimenting with various tools to produce the standard product as like our quality content. Ultimately, we landed with Invideo – our favourite video creator. From now on, we are going to express our love towards Invideo platform.

Why we love Invideo?

We are a digital marketing agency who knows the demand for marketing videos. We already started to work with our video marketing strategy to meet our client’s goal.

We are looking for a versatile tool that could help us to produce a powerful video. We were looking for a simple cloud-based video making tool like Canva for the image where our team can get the final video in no time. After a hefty amount of researches, we tried Biteable, Wave.video, Adobe Spark but we couldn’t settle since we’re not getting the features that we long for.

Finally, we found Invideo, a robust cloud-based video editor with features we were expecting to create stunning videos for our clients.

The main features we loved their platform adapting intelligently to our inputs. And another important thing is their customer service management. Whenever we reach them regarding any issue or other stuff, they instantly revert to us with a solution.

3 reason we think you will love Invideo

You have 3 options to choose to get your video started

(A) Convert Your Script to Video

Under this section has 3 more choices.
First, choose your template. 
Then you can do any of the following below:

    1. Enter or paste your script

It is just an easy step, put all your content in the text box. You can also toggle the option between “Auto Suggest Images”


    1. Start with an article linkAs the name suggests, paste your article link. The platform collects all the details and gives you a script. You can customize it.(or)

    1. Start with your videos or images

  1. Drag & drop your image or videos.
    After picking your option, you will move to the timeline where are the editing part occurs. When you complete all your video editing stuff, you can preview & export the video.
(B) Readymade Versatile Templates

You got everything. All you need to do is, if needed change the images and add your text. That’s it, your video is ready and you can export. 

Did we mention it? The template library is ever-growing.

(C) Build your own video

If you are already a pro in creating a video, this option is for you. Choose this option, and select your desired dimension.

You can make your template right from your image/video placements, text placement, image/video animations, text animations, music & voice-overs. What else you need, simply reach them at any time. Their team will get back to you with the solution you needed.

We know that, after reading all this, you are already made up your mind to try Invideo just like us.
Pat yourself on the back! You have made a great decision.

What do you think?

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