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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends 2024


Top 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2024

In 2024, among the acknowledgment and embrace of diversity and inclusivity across various industries, including graphic design, there’s a notable surge. This involves a significant shift towards representing a broader spectrum of individuals in designs and products, moving away from conventional standards dictated by societal norms. Designers are boldly embracing diversity within graphic design trends by showcasing the authenticity and uniqueness of individuals who defy the stereotypical molds perpetuated by society.

1. Maximalism in Composition:

In 2023, a wave of maximalism emerged to break the monotony of predictable routines and safe graphic design trend choices. Now, in 2024, we’re witnessing a shift towards closely packed compositions reminiscent of a vibrant puzzle.

Margins are reducing as designers fill every available space with an abundance of colors, shapes, fonts, and visuals. Imagine oversized, eye-catching fonts alongside bold shapes and gradients that spill beyond traditional design boundaries. This approach injects excitement, curiosity, and a disregard for conventional page limits.

2. Designed by AI:

    Among the latest graphic design trends is the adoption of AI platforms and technologies. Despite initial skepticism, designers are leveraging their creative expertise to guide AI tools and elevate graphic design industry trends.

    We’re witnessing hyper-realistic depictions of storefronts and digital artwork reminiscent of hand-drawn illustrations crafted by digital artists. AI tools have the potential to accelerate designers’ workflows, research endeavors, and imaginative concepts. Text-to-image generators introduce a fresh dimension of accessibility to graphic design and visual storytelling.

    3. Illustration and Animation:

    In the year 2024, illustrations will begin to animate, bringing them to life. We’ll witness the emergence of logo mascots, symbolizing the enduring strength of hand-drawn logos permeating branding and graphics across various sectors.

    Industries experiencing the most impact will include food and beverage, particularly craft and artisanal businesses. Additionally, tech companies are delving into the emotional benefits of mascots in 2024.

    Handcrafted illustrations and doodles stand out as a prominent graphic design trend this year. This trend focuses on reestablishing connections with people and infusing designs with a sense of enjoyment and emotional resonance. When paired with the appropriate color palette, it seamlessly aligns with the burgeoning nostalgia trend in graphic design!

    4. 3D Type and Bubble Text:




    Expect to witness an upsurge in three-dimensional typography, especially in the guise of “airy lettering,” throughout 2024. This trend adds a whimsical and jubilant touch to designs, with airy lettering steadily gaining prominence over the past few years. Its impact is further heightened when fused with three-dimensional animations.

    5. Color Clashing:




    The juxtaposition of colors is a longstanding technique in graphic design trends. However, as numerous brands align with the AA WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure color contrast, anticipate a surge in contrasting and divergent color schemes on digital displays in 2024, featuring daring, lively, and distinctive palettes.

    6. Curve Smoothing:

    Could 2024 usher in the era of the rounded rectangle (a form that’s neither a perfect circle nor a square)? Our insights suggest a strong possibility. Contour refinement has been gaining traction steadily, especially in the past year, as a means to soften sharp edges and foster a more amiable visual experience. Nevertheless, exercising caution is advisable when employing contour refinement in 2024, as it may not yet be universally supported by most web browsers.

    7. 70’s Nostalgia:




    Anticipate a revival of the beloved styles from the 1960s and 1970s in graphic design trends 2024. This resurgence will feature muted color schemes and nostalgic patterns such as retro stripes, checkers, florals, and other vibrant motifs reminiscent of “the golden era.” Following significant technological strides in AI throughout 2023, it’s now time to draw inspiration from simpler times and incorporate elements from the past.

    8. Vintage Minimalism:

    Continuing the homage to bygone eras, classic simplicity emerges as another prominent style projected for 2024. This aesthetic trend aims to pare down designs to their essence, drawing inspiration from vintage color palettes to craft straightforward yet impactful visual compositions.

    9. Vertical Video: The New Screen Orientation Standard



    The surge of concise and captivating vertical videos has not only transformed our content consumption habits but also revolutionized our approach to design. These brief clips offer immersive experiences that engage social media audiences effortlessly. By wholeheartedly adopting the vertical format, brands can ensure their designs seamlessly integrate into this dynamic landscape.

    So, you’ve joined the vertical video movement, and now you’re pondering how to excel in this towering visual realm? Think compact content with monumental impact. Brands that conquer the vertical video domain craft brief, attention-grabbing snippets that halt scrolling as effectively as a flamingo at a penguin gathering. It’s all about capturing attention with vivid visuals, music that captivates faster than a catchy ’80s tune, and messaging so concise it rivals grandma’s reading glasses. Need a pro tip? Add captions to your videos! Because nothing demonstrates respect like sparing your audience the need to pause their epic playlist to grasp your message. Remember, in the realm of short-form video, the brands that deliver their message succinctly emerge victorious – and win over customers in the process!

    10. Abstract Gradients and Color Transitions:

    While gradients have long been a staple in graphic design, 2024 is poised to introduce a more vibrant interpretation of traditional color transitions. While gradients offer a means to incorporate vivid hues into designs without inundating the viewer, transitions between colors lend a contemporary touch to your creative endeavors.


    The hand-drawn sketches in the graphic design trend also referred to as freehand artwork, imbue designs with a human touch. This concept stems from the belief that artisanal elements evoke a sense of warmth. Recently, an increasing number of brands and corporations have embraced this style to foster a congenial and approachable image. This versatile style can be utilized across both print and digital media, spanning from outdoor banners to social media graphics.

    In our research methodology, our design team curated a selection of brand visuals that resonated with them from the previous year. Subsequently, we shared our findings with the team and pinpointed the styles we anticipate will gain traction in  2024. Following this, we facilitated another round of voting to designate our preferred styles and deliberated on the rationale behind our selections. The flexibility of hand-drawn sketches positions it as a favored trend among designers universally.

    AI-enhanced Design Practices:

    Worried about AI overshadowing your creativity? Fear not! In 2024, AI will be your design partner, streamlining workflows and boosting creativity.

    Imagine software suggesting color palettes based on your audience or creating mood boards inspired by your favorite artists. AI enhances, not replaces, your creative process.

    Tools like automated image resizing and color correction free you from tedious tasks, letting you focus on ideation and the human touch that elevates the design.

    Take Adobe Sensei, for example, speeding up tasks and unlocking new possibilities within Adobe apps.

    At Venngage, our AI Infographic Generator turns data into eye-catching visuals in seconds. Just input your topic, choose a style, and voila!

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