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Content Distribution Tips & Tactics

Content Distribution Tips Tactics

Content is the king

Most of us have come across these quotes frequently because the content is a massive weapon that allows you to have a strong communication with the audience. Creating content involves lots of steps from ideation to inspiration to development to making it ready for the audience. Every business focus on creating the best content and the marketing teams make sure that the content provides value by targeting and distributing it properly.

What is content distribution?

A content created achieves its goal only when it reaches the target audience if the content has not reached the target audience and has not made its presence felt on the internet, then it’s purpose is not fulfilled. This can be done by distributing the content by all means to the reach the audience it is meant for. Every content is written keeping in mind the target audience (for eg., a blog targeting the students) so it has to market in the proper channel through which it can reach the audience. Writing an impressive content will not provide the required result without proper distribution, so it is necessary to maintain a proper and variety of distribution channel.  

In simple words, content distribution means the cluster of all the channels (ways) the marketer uses to broadcast and spread the content to the target audience in digital media. Digital media can be broadly classified into 3 types viz

  1. Owned Media
  2. Earned Media
  3. Paid  Media

Owned Media

This belongs to us and our team, this includes our own website, our blog page, our social media pages, our landing page.. etc where only we can post, or only someone with our consent can post. Our core content is our asset, therefore it should only be posted on platforms with our consent. This media is fully ours and it is absolutely free.

Earned Media

The media which is earned by our efforts, this will include the blog page or social media page of other companies, who use our products/ services. This will be very useful for brand building because if a customer finds details about our product in other company’s page, it will automatically create credibility and trust.

Paid Media

This includes all the media which we use by paying for this. This is really useful for small business to build the brand. This mostly occupies the major portion of the part of the marketing and promotional budget of the business.

Every company formulates strategies to distribute the content on the internet, taking into account all the tree media. An optimized distribution strategy involves all the three types of media for distributing the content at the perfect time to reach the audience in each media. This is really a big process and is supported by many distribution tools and few of it are as follows.

Content Distribution Tools


This is one of the most popular and user-friendly platform. This is used to connect to all your social media channels. It provides better analytics & reports. We can post directly to Instagram too. It provides us with a special and customized report for each of the social profile we manage and an added feature is that we could export it and send to clients. The added advantage with Hootsuite is that we can access the inbox of the social media accounts we have integrated with Hootsuite. You can create your own Hootsuite profile here. They also have an App Directory where you can find integrations to other platforms, such as YouTube, MailChimp, and Salesforce.


 The next most common distribution tool used by all the digital marketers is “Buffer”. The main and most attractive feature of Buffer is that it checks with Twitter and provide us with the best Hashtags for our content. Another interesting feature is that we can schedule the content to be posted for the next few days at once. We can check the engagement of all the social media integrated with buffer in one place. We can also reschedule it directly from the buffer to any social media. We can also publish to all the social media platforms at the same time. Create your Buffer account here and start distributing your content to the Internet.


The best feature of this tool is that it allows us to save drafts and reuse it. This helps to monitor all posts from different social media at the same time. This suggests us with perfect timings for the post so that it can reach the maximum number of audience, check out this tool here.

All the above-mentioned tools provide a free trial for certain days so that we can compare how it works and then choose the best. We don’t intend to exhaust the list of possible suggestions and it would be amazing to have some feedback on other tools and why you’d include them on your stack.

Use a proper distribution tool with the right strategy to get the best results from the content because

Content is king, but distribution is queen

What do you think?

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