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Other Interesting Social Media Sites – Instagram And LinkedIn

Other Interesting Social Media Sites – Instagram And LinkedIn

India is currently among the top three fastest growing Internet markets in the world, and also has one of the youngest online demographics globally.Social networking is one of the most popular online activities, in addition to personal use, it is widely used for branding the business, creating new customers and for promoting new products and services. Social media is one of the most important ways to convert the audience into the customer for business. Most of the business have started there pages on social media, even very small companies started to concentrate on Social Media especially on Facebook and Twitter, as a result Facebook and Twitter is filled up with “n” number of official pages, as a result of overpopulation in Facebook and Twitter the reach of the promotion to the target audience is getting reduced. As a result, many assume that result from Social media promotions has been reduced.

But is Social Media only consist of Facebook and Twitter?

The answer is obviously “NO”. There are n number of other social media available on Internet, in this blog we shall discuss 2 well established Social Media which is less populated

Linked in


Linked In

LinkedIn is the world’s best Professional network.No one can deny the fact that Linked in is bringing the wings to many people’s dreams. But the main question is why is still Linked in is not utilized properly by many?  LinkedIn not just about letting people know who you’re and what you do, it’s about forging a brand of your own. One can use LinkedIn as one of the most powerful marketing tools for B2B sales and lead generation. Many B2B marketers say that LinkedIn Is one of their strongest marketing tools. The below are major Tips to Make the Most of the LinkedIn Marketing for Business

Create your company page

This is the first and foremost step, just as Facebook, here one has to create their own Company page.First, you should craft your business profile page to make sure you can keep interest and urge viewers to do business with us.

LinkedIn Groups

These are the most efficient ways to brand the business. Since LinkedIn is a Professional network, all the groups here will be very professional. One has to become the group member of all the groups that are related to the business, and then start creating brand awareness in the groups.

If one can follow all the2 above steps properly, the business will gain a huge B2B customer base.


 The next well established Social Network is


Instagram is becoming a social media contender, as evidenced by the fact the site now has more than 700 million users. That number of users makes Instagram an awesome mechanism for marketing for all kinds of companies to all kinds of specific audiences. In this blog, I will provide some insights into a lucrative marketing strategy on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

The best Marketing tool of Instagram. Here on Instagram, one can post stories on their profile, which will, in turn, reach to all their followers.Through this story, one can reach their target audience easily, but posting attractive stories which will reach the audience’s mind. The other unique feature of Instagram is Polling which was recently Introduced. This Polling is the way which helps in making Instagram more Interactive. This helps in increasing the Interaction which results in understanding the audience’s interest The other features are Hashtags, locations & URL sharing this will also increase the traffic to the site, which helps in better SEO ranking

Instagram followers

The Instagram is a better place to Brand the business, as it is less populated by business people, but highly populated by Prospective Customers, so if we increase our followers on Instagram, we will get more reach to our products and it will result in Increased sales.

That’s it! Instagram is constantly innovating, so by the time I hit the “Publish” button on this post, there may already be a new feature I missed.

Content management

This is a common step for all social media.This is the main step which will help in gaining the best results is having proper content Distribution. social media is a network where one can gain proper results if utilized properly, or if the contents are not proper one’s brand image will be damaged among the professionals, so Content marketing is the important part.

The best advice I could give is to try these two Social Networks for better Business results, as Facebook and Twitter are already over flooded. Every account has a different personality, so it’s important for you to test new things as you discover your own groove.

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