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Our Digital Strategy for Trichy Vizha’s Success

Branding and Event Marketing
Young Indians
Trichy Vizha Social Media Marketing Internest Agency

Culture, Heritage, Celebration

Trichy Vizha, an annual two-day festival held at Trichy Students Road, is a vibrant celebration of the city’s rich culture, heritage, and talent. Trichy Vizha was organized by Yi, CII (Young Indians, Confederation of Indian Industry), and the Trichy City Corporations, serves as a platform to showcase the essence of Trichy through diverse activities and attractions.


December 10 & 11, 2022

Students Road Trichy
(Court Road)


Crafting Trichy Vizha's Digital Hype

The challenge was to create a digital marketing strategy that not only spread awareness about the event but also generated excitement and engagement among the local community. Our team worked on every aspect, starting from the ideation phase to creating visually appealing collaterals.

Our Contributions

As a creative agency, Team Internest’s role encompassed a range of responsibilities, including:


Branding Trichy Vizha from Pixel to Print

Trichy Vizha Social Media Marketing Internest Agency

Logo Design

Crafting a distinctive and meaningful logo that encapsulates the spirit of Trichy Vizha.

Website Creation

Designing and maintaining the Trichy Vizha website, serving as an online hub for event information and updates.

Social Media Handling

Managing Trichy Vizha’s social media presence to enhance visibility and engagement.

Collaboration with Local Social Media Pages

Partnering with influential local social media pages to broaden the reach and impact of Trichy Vizha.

Trichy Vizha Social Media Marketing Internest Agency
Trichy Vizha Social Media Marketing Internest Agency

Creating Social Media Posts (Creatives)

Developing visually appealing and informative content to promote the festival across various social platforms.

Print Materials

Designing hoardings, banners, and flyers to complement the digital presence, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand representation.

Event Highlights

Trichy Vizha 2022 offered a diverse range of activities

Trichy Vizha 2022 exploded with flavors (Taste of Trichy!), artistic flair (Art Street!), and local pride (heritage walks, cultural performances). From music and dance to diverse eats and vibrant parades, the festival was a feast for all senses.