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Shri Sangeethas is one of the finest veg restaurants in Trichy, with four branches at the prime locations. Shri Sangeethas partnered with Internest Agency to increase their online reputation especially on Google.

Maintaining The Customers Relationship

The real victory of long-run business not only lies in making money but also in the customers they earned. Retaining the existing customers is the first and foremost approach in any Industry. In the Food industry, the customer will expect quality foods, a nice ambiance, quick service, polite staff members & so on. Restaurants will work on satisfying the customer’s anticipation through their feedback & Google reviews. New-age customers prefer to convey their feedback and dining experience with Google reviews. With all these understandings, we prepared the specific messages based on the positive & negative reviews and responded to every single customer review every day without fail. It helped our client largely to retain them, understand more about their concerns if any, find new solutions & improvement it.

Performance on Google

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Line Of Work

Challenges Faced

Our very first job was to structure the GMB accounts for all 4 branches with the basic information required for the local business. In the very first step, we updated four branches with the common name (along with the location) and the primary category. These changes have been reflected on Google instantly and we witnessed the increase in searches for all the branches.

We found a duplicate listing for one of the branches nearby the original location and that’s reflected in the Google search. We requested Google GMB Team for merging these two accounts. In few days, the accounts were merged & there were no duplicate listings & no trouble for customers in finding the right location.

The foremost challenge is handling the negative reviews in particular. The success of the larger brands depend largely on its customer base and relationship with its customers.. If you are an end-user & approaching the business for their services / product they offer, you will have some expectations in your mind.

We have replied to more than 6000 reviews for the past 8 months except for the COVID-19 lockdown in India. If you are wondering why the agency should reply to all the customers’ reviews? The answer is that each reply will hit the user’s mailbox & create a direct promotion for the restaurants without any spams and build brand reputation strongly. We designed a deliberative way to cater the negative reviews in which it creates good customer relationships digitally. Also, we ask for the customer’s feedback in-depth and help our client work on it. In this review journey, 250+ customers reacted to our reply and updated their review by sharing their experience at the restaurant. It helped our client understand each customer’s expectation and to provide a great dining experience without any flaws.

On Shri Sangeetha’s Trip Advisor profile maintenance and review management, we have responded to the reviews posted by National tourists across India. We also worked on the GMB post section and kept it active by posting it every week. It catalyzed the customer’s engagement and let them know about the offers exclusively.

Responding to the Google review, makes your customer feel important and valued.