Ramyas Hotel Seafood Festival Campaign

Offline & Digital Marketing Campaign
Ramyas Hotels


Ramyas Hotels in Trichy is known for its world-class amenities and luxurious accommodations, establishing itself as a leading business-class hotel in the region. Ramyas Hotels is particularly renowned for hosting a variety of food festivals, including Sea Food Festival, Street Food Festival, BBQ Food Festival, Chinese Food Festival and many more. Throughout the series of events, Internest actively partnered with Ramyas Hotels to enhance their culinary experiences. Specifically, this case study delves into our collaboration during the Seafood Festival at Meridian Restaurant, shedding light on the unique contributions made for this particular event.

This festival showcases a specially curated menu for seafood enthusiasts, adding a distinct culinary experience to the offerings at the Meridian Restaurant.


To make the Seafood Festival stand out and attract a diverse audience, a distinctive visual identity and strategic marketing were essential.

Solutions Provided

Logo Design

Crafted a unique logo capturing the essence of the Seafood Festival, establishing a strong visual identity.

Print Materials

Designed and produced banners, menu cards, hoardings, and auto banners, showcasing seafood diversity and festival uniqueness.

Social Media Campaign

Executed a targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaign with engaging content, visually appealing graphics, and strategic placements.


Client Testimonial

“Working with Internest for our Seafood Festival was a game-changer. Their attention to detail and innovative approach truly made a difference.”

– F&B Manager, Ramyas Hotels

Seafood Festival Creatives


Stunning Seafood Festival Success

The collaboration resulted in a visually captivating and strategically marketed Seafood Festival, exceeding expectations. The success showcased the effectiveness of a well-executed branding and marketing strategy.