Chinese Food Festival

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The Chinese Food Festival is a periodically held food carnival in Hotel Ramyas, Trichy’s favourite restaurant. It boasts of offering visitors with a large variety of Chinese dishes, enough to satiate most people’s taste buds. The food festival is not only about food. There is also some additional thrilling, a new special chef from China to make the event much more exciting to the visitors and participants.


Ramyas Hotels needed a partner who offered the information and expertise to market the event online and builds interest around the upcoming Festival with a targeted local audience. However as imagined, this is not an everyday event, so not everyone knew about it on the rest of days. This is when the organizers had approached us with the challenge of generating at least a high footfall of visitors to the Chinese Food Festival.

Chinese Food Festival

Post Designs

Announcing Meridian Restaurant’s Chinese Food Festival in a burst of vibrant colors and mouthwatering imagery!