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Customized Shopify Ecommerce Website
Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency

What We Sell & to Whom

Inaithiram is an ecommerce website built using the Shopify platform with a focus on offering a wide range of products. The website’s primary goal is to give business users a seamless shopping experience while integrating multiple features to improve user engagement and boost conversion rates. The website is designed with Indian users in mind and attempts to meet their variety of needs.

Inaithiram specializes in an extensive array of material handling solutions, featuring platforms trolleys, hand trucks, and spare parts. These products offer efficient solutions for organizing and carrying items since they are carefully created to fit the wide range of needs of industrial, commercial, and personal instances. Inaithiram operates as a one-stop shop that meets a wide range of customers with its extensive selection of high-quality goods.

Inaithiram’s diverse clientele spans across various sectors, making their products indispensable in numerous industries:

Inaithiram’s product line essentially acts as a crucial link between industries, enhancing material handling techniques and streamlining operational procedures for a wide range of clients.

The Role of Material Handling in Industrial Success

The industrial sector, which includes factories, distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, utilizes effective material-handling equipment for smooth operations.

Streamlining Stock Management with Inaithiram's Solutions

Commercial establishments rely on Inaithiram's products for efficient stock movement and management, including retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping centres.

Innovative Solutions for Logistics and Transportation

Platform trolleys and hand trucks make it easier to load and unload cargo, which is appreciated by logistics and transportation companies.

Inaithiram: Empowering Construction and Maintenance

Construction and maintenance industries use Inaithiram’s products to transport large objects, tools, and equipment efficiently, increasing productivity on construction sites and among maintenance crews.

Inaithiram: Streamlining Internal Supply Transport

Hospitals & Institutions use Inaithiram's carts for internal supply transportation, which improves the operational effectiveness of healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and the hotel industry.

Effortless Material Management for Home and Business

Individual customers, including do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, and small enterprises, look to Inaithiram for practical and effective solutions to manage heavy goods inside their buildings.

Project Scope

Enhanced with Custom Features

The project’s scope includes creating a Shopify-powered e-commerce website with all the advanced functionalities & features. The website needed a custom look to complement the brand’s image and offer a distinctive purchasing experience. To make the buying experience easy and delightful for the clients, several features were implemented.

Enhanced User Experience

Functionalities Implemented

Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency

Product with Variants

Products from Inaithiram come in a variety of sizes, colors, and quantities. Users can choose their favorite options by seeing and managing various product versions on a website.

Bundle Products and Upsell

Users can purchase bundles of products on the website, combining several things for exceptional prices. Additionally, it uses upselling strategies to suggest other items to customers when they are checking out.

Compare Products

Users can compare various products on the website, allowing them to make informed decisions about what to buy based on specifications, features, and budget.

Delivery Availability and Estimation

Users can verify whether delivery is available in their neighbourhood by entering their pincode. During the payment procedure, the website also offers an expected delivery date.

Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency
Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency

Collection Page Filters

The collection pages of Inaithiram include filters for product type, essential information, price range, brand, discount, and availability. Customers may now find goods that are in line with their preferences very quickly through this.

Recently Viewed Products

Customers can return to previously-interested products since the website keeps track of them as well as shows them.

GST Invoicing

For customers, Inaithiram generates GST-compliant invoices, assuring a simple experience after the sale.

Customer Testimonials

The website includes client testimonials and reviews, building authenticity and trust among prospective customers.

Product Reviews

Customers who have bought a product can give reviews and ratings, adding to the social proof and supporting other customers in making decisions.

Dynamic Search Bar

User may quickly and accurately find products using the website’s dynamic search box, which offers real-time suggestions as they type.

Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency
Inaithriam Web Designing Internest Agency


To draw in new consumers and keep existing ones, Inaithiram offers a variety of discounts, including annual sales, holiday sales, promotional deals, and loyalty awards.

Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity

The website establishes minimum and maximum order quantity restrictions for particular products in order to control inventory and guarantee fair distribution.

Out of Stock and In Stock Notification

Customers can sign up to get notifications when an out-of-stock product is restocked.

SMM for Businesses

Objectives & Challenges

Inaithiram’s customized Shopify theme resulted in positive feedback, increased sales, and higher conversions. The dynamic search bar, product reviews, and upselling techniques were key to boosting user engagement and satisfaction.


Seamless Shopping Experience

The goal of giving customers a seamless purchasing experience was accomplished through the customized Shopify e-commerce site – Inaithiram. Implemented functionalities including product bundles, shipping estimation, dynamic search, and product variants were crucial in making Inaithiram a well-known online shopping destination in the Indian market. To maintain growth and success in the highly competitive e-commerce environment, ongoing optimization and improvements focused on the needs of customers will continue to be a top priority.