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Happy Salai Event Marketing Internest Agency

Happy Salai: Fun, Fitness, and More

Happy Salai, an event organised by Young Indians Trichy in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Trichy City Police at Students Road, Trichy. The event was a vibrant celebration tailored to the preferences and enjoyment of the Trichy people, aiming to spread joy through a diverse array of activities, including fitness dances, zumba, aerobics, yoga, silambattam, skating, live bands, pet shows, robot football, air shows, and engaging game shows hosted by radio jockeys. Beyond entertainment, the event also incorporated a health corner, shopping stalls, food vendors, mehendi art, astrology, tarot reading and awareness initiatives for waste segregation and rainwater harvesting.


Creating an Engaging Digital Experience

The challenge was to create a digital marketing strategy that not only spread awareness about the event but also generated excitement and engagement among the local community. Our team worked on every aspect, starting from the ideation phase to creating visually appealing collaterals.


Creative Collaterals that Grab Attention

Happy Salai Event Marketing Internest Agency

Name and Branding

Capturing the essence of the event’s lively and joyful atmosphere, the branding for Happy Salai focused on vibrant colours and dynamic visuals to convey the spirit of the activities.

Digital Collaterals

Engaging posters, reels and other digital assets incorporated the newly designed logo to create a cohesive and visually appealing online presence. These materials were shared across social media platforms to build anticipation.

Social Media Engagement

We engaged with local influencers and city-centric pages to amplify the event’s visibility. Regular updates, countdowns, and behind-the-scenes glimpses were shared to sustain ongoing excitement.

Media Outreach

Collaborations with media channels such as Sun Network, Puthiyathalaimurai, News18 and print media like The Hindu and The Times of India were established. This helped reach a broader audience and added credibility to the event.

Happy Salai Event Marketing Internest Agency
Happy Salai Event Marketing Internest Agency

Creative Selfie Corner

A special focus was given to creating a unique and visually appealing selfie corner. The creative design, attracted and liked by the audience, generated considerable appreciation, leading to increased social media shares and engagement.

Post-Event Engagement

After the event, our engagement strategy continued. We shared highlights and captivating photographs, capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Happy Salai. This post-event content not only served as a delightful recap for attendees but also extended the event’s reach to those who couldn’t attend.

Engagement and Impact

Happy Salai Connects with Community

Nearly 10,000 attendees actively participated in Happy Salai, fueled by a successful digital marketing campaign and widespread media coverage. Happy Salai fostered community engagement, created lasting memories, and set the stage for an eagerly anticipated next season.


Lasting Memories and a Stronger Community

The success of Happy Salai Trichy was a testament to the effective integration of digital marketing strategies. By combining creativity, collaboration, and strategic outreach, the event not only achieved its objectives but also left a lasting impact on the community. Happy Salai is now more than an event; it’s a symbol of joy, unity and successful digital marketing synergy.