April 21, 2023

Website Development For HBS

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Meeting The Hallmark Business School's Website Specifications

The Hallmark Business School is a prestigious business school in Trichy that provides excellent education with major programs in MBA. When it comes to educational institutions there are many sources that provide information about course details, seat allotments, campus overview, and placement records but the College website is the official source that provides exact and genuine information.

In order to build an informative website along with student registration forms, event posting sections, and course-specific sections, Hallmark Business School collaborated with the Internest Agency.

Challenges Undergone & Solution Provided

In 2018 we developed Hallmark Business School’s WordPress website with all the bells & whistles required for a college website. Later in the year 2022, We observed that the security of the website has been seriously compromised by the existence of malicious scripts and hacked links and the same impacts the reputation of the brand and user trust negatively. We discussed with the client and moved to a better CMS platform that would take a more modern approach requested the migration to Webflow because of its security, modern user interface, quick page speed, and the ease in content updation.

We decided to move the website to Webflow, a platform renowned for building websites for its high-security features and streamlined maintenance process. By eliminating the need for manual upgrades, Webflow’s automatic update technology made workflow maintenance simpler.

In order to evaluate the efficiency of the WordPress workflow, we identified challenges such as,


Compatibility problems with plugins and themes, the possibility of conflicts with custom code, the requirement for ongoing monitoring, and manual updates.


Temporary security measures were implemented, including installing security plugins, deleting compromised files, strengthening user authentication, and thorough scanning for suspicious activity.

Why WordPress to Webflow

Effortless Content Management

Webflow's intuitive interface facilitated seamless content updates, enabling quick additions of events, news, and other relevant information.

Quick Loading

Webflow's standout feature is its optimized page loading speed. This dramatically improved HBS website speed and ensured that website visitors experience faster load times, reducing bounce rates and potentially boosting SEO rankings.

Enhanced Security

The move to Webflow provided a robust security infrastructure, which will eliminate concerns surrounding any hacked URLs.

Swift Updates

Webflow's automatic update system negated the need for manual updates, significantly streamlining the maintenance process. This enabled us to allocate more time and resources to strategic growth initiatives.

Modern User Interface

The user interface stands as a pivotal element, captivating users and encouraging extended engagement on the website. The recent transition of the HBS website to Webflow has endowed it with a modern appearance, amplifying user interaction and fostering increased website dwell time.

Mobile Responsiveness

Webflow ensures that websites are responsive across various devices and screen sizes, enhancing the user experience for mobile visitors and catering to the growing mobile audience.


In order to guarantee a smooth transition for current users, the website’s design and content were extensively recreated during the Webflow conversion. The consistency of the UI improved usability and user satisfaction.

In conclusion, by moving to Webflow, we addressed the client’s concerns about ushering in modern design and functionality and revitalized their online presence. The transition not only positioned Hallmark Business School for future success but aligns perfectly with the institution’s goal for security, efficiency, and a visually appealing, streamlined user experience.