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Steed Chainless Bicycles
Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency

From Static To Shopify

Steed Chainless Bicycles, a pioneer in the chainless bicycle market replacing traditional chain drives with a light-weight Propeller shaft & belt drive mechanism in order to give users a world-class experience and to improve their lifestyle.

Internest developed a customized Shopify website for Steed with  facing many difficulties’ and hurdles.


Steed Cycles Challenges Before Shopify

Differentiating chainless from traditional bicycles

Through design, Steed needs ways to communicate the advantages of their innovative design and convince potential customers to make the switch.

Adding Custom Features

Implementing creative slider, informative pop-ups, and a user-friendly dealer filter for creating more engagement on the website.

Streamlining the user journey

Need seamless user experience on the website from product discovery, knowing about type of variants with the key features & conversion.

Dynamic Homepage Layout

Homepage sliders need to capture the essence of chainless freedom, showcase their innovative cycles in action, and subtly compare them to traditional cycles, all within a captivating narrative.

Dealer Filter

Need to have customized dealer filter with easy accessible and understandable for the audience to select the dealer in their city


Achievements & Accomplishment

Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency

Custom Shopify Theme

We moved away from generic templates and crafted a custom theme that reflected Steed’s brand identity, with a clean and modern aesthetic.

Creative Slider

High-quality visuals of chainless bicycles in action took center stage, showcasing their sleek design and functionality. 

Interactive pop ups & User-Friendly Navigation

Interactive pop-ups appeared strategically throughout the website and simplicity & intuitiveness in the overall design, making it easy for users to find what they were looking for. Also search bar with autocomplete functionality with advanced filtering options allowed users to narrow down their search.

Hover Effects

As users hovered over product images, dynamic flourishes the individual parts of a bicycle, showcasing the bikes’ sleek design and functionality in a captivating way. This offered a deeper dive into the product without cluttering the main image.

Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency
Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency

"Why Chainless?" Compare Section

A dedicated “Why Chainless?” The section addressed common concerns and provided clear explanations with the help of infographics and data visualizations educating users about the advantages of chainless bicycles compared to traditional ones.

Custom Dealer Filter

Dedicated dealer pages with customized filter offered detailed information, including contact details, services offered, and inventory availability. Also map-based dealer filters allow users to whisks to nearby Steed retailers in a flash. This feature strengthened the connection between Steed and its dealer network, boosting sales potential.

Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency
Steed Chainless Bicycles Web Designing Internest Agency

Cycle Key Features

On the homepage prominently displays key features and benefits of Steed bicycles, such as low maintenance, clean riding, and durability. Each product page provided comprehensive specifications, technical details, and performance indicators, that give a clear view to the users and helpful in decision making


Exceptional Outcome

Steed Cycles witnessed substantial advancements across online presence, final conversions, and user engagement after the successful implementation of Shopify.


Seamless User Experience

Steed Chainless Bicycles’ Shopify website is a successful example of how custom design and functionality can elevate an user-friendly experience. By addressing key challenges and focusing on user engagement, the website has contributed to Steed’s brand awareness, sales growth, and customer satisfaction.