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Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch

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SAS Bosch
Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch Internest Agency

The Collaboration & Onboarding

BOSCH is a German Multinational Engineering and Technology company known for its quality and perfection in manufacturing reliable Household Appliances. SAS Household Appliances is one of the top Bosch Home Appliances dealers in Chennai, India operating at 4 different locations. SAS Household Appliances caters to the customer’s need of purchasing quality home appliances, kitchen appliances & so. All four locations have individual business profiles on Google(GMB). In recent times, there is a surge in online reviews consumption before purchasing a product / visiting the store physically. SAS Household Appliances partnered with us(Internest Agency) to catalyze the brand visibility/searches on Google, which helps to increase the store walk-in.

Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch Internest Agency

Setting the Objectives and Plan

We had a deep discussion with the SAS Household Appliances Team and BOSCH Marketing Team to set the objectives and we came out with the action plans to increase store walk-ins.

Core Objectives:

Proposed Approach

We recommended increasing the store visibility and awareness by optimizing and managing the GMB profile for all 4 locations while having our presence in Social Media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. We also suggested having our own website with individual pages for all 4 stores and connecting them with the GMB profile that helps to increase organic leads.

Line Of Work on

Google My Business

We onboarded & got into the project in Nov 2020 and we did the audit for all 4 locations to make sure the published information is right & current. The below key points will summarize the works and strategy we used to accelerate their search performance on Google.

Initial GMB Audit for all 4 locations

Updating the basic info & product of the stores

Rotating GMB posts with offer posts once a week.

Reputation Management – Reviews & Messages

Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch Internest Agency

Optimizing GMB Profiles for Increased Store Reach

Following the audit of 4 locations, we requested the client to provide the updated information for all the stores in the initial stage. Then we have done brief keyword research regarding their brand, products & location. It helped us to pick the right search terms.

We used those search terms in the business info and posts. Then we structured the information (Name, primary category, address, map pointer, short name, website URL, phone number, business info) of 4 stores appropriately with all the details received from the client. The primary category is critical in the GMB profile, so we first fixed the primary category for the business.

We also worked specifically on the business description for all four stores since it is located in different parts of Chennai. It reflected in the search and helped increase the reach of 4 stores to the target audience. With all our endless efforts, we witnessed the searches increasing gradually on the MOM basis.

Highlighting GMB Products & Posts

The other factors we touched on are updating the products and frequently rotating the offer posts. In the product section, we updated the 5 significant Bosch products – Bosch Washing Machine, Bosch Refrigerator, Bosch Dryer, Bosch Microwave Oven & Bosch Dishwashers, and their product description. It helped the audience to view their premium products and know more about them. We also effectively use the GMB posts by updating the posts regarding the special offers once a week. We ensure regular updates to recollect the brand and their products and bring it to customers’ knowledge in order to improve and raise the amount of product purchase.

Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch Internest Agency
What We Achieved

High Spike On Search Graph

The process is the most important thing rather than the result. If the correct process is followed continuously, then the result will be ours. Our steady process and tireless efforts ended with successful results. The measurable metrics like Google discovery searches, phone calls, website visits, direction requests, map views, photo views & branded searches all rocketed up highly in the 3 months comparison graph (NOV 2020 – JAN 2021). During those 3 months, Chennai was struck with flood and heavy rainfall. Even though the searches are low, we have worked hard in JAN 2021 and increased their store walk-in. At last, the store visits and searches are converted into bills and boosted profit.

Performance On Google


Total Searches


Total Views


Total Actions


Total Actions
Digital Marketing for SAS Bosch Internest Agency

Website Structure & Google Ads

Taking the importance of the website into consideration, we initially created effective content and all the premium products for customers’ knowledge. Following that, we planned to implement the specific page for each showroom with the area-based content and enquiry form. It also helped the people to find the correct information in those respective areas regarding Bosch products and was considered SEO friendly.  The Enquiry forms on each page generated valuable organic leads.

Social Media Pages & Paid Ads

Our initial discussion with the Marketing team was to create Social Media pages and run Facebook Ad campaigns. We brainstormed and created  a single Facebook page & instagram profile instead of 4 different social profiles and to avoid commotion among the audience. We used the ‘Shop Location’ option by creating a single business page for all 4 stores on Facebook. We have created a single business profile on Instagram and mentioned the location of all 4 stores in the Instagram bio. This really helped us to reach out to a larger audience and display all our store information in a single place.

Facebook Ads - Festival Season & Specific Product Campaigns

We started with the reach ads campaign followed by the lead campaign for the Home & Kitchen Appliances with specific offers for the premium store of SAS Household Appliances. Even during the pandemic, we decided to produce a mix of creatives by covering all the offers that were given by the company. To highlight the specific store, we only targeted the potential audience who were presented near the region very close to the store. This made a rise in the page’s “likes and followers”. We majorly focused on lead generation ad campaigns. Our tried & tested targeting methods helped to generate more qualified leads. As a reward for our efforts, a lot of leads were turned into billing. During  Diwali 2021, we initiated the Facebook ads for the client highlighting the Diwali festival offers to increase the profit for all  4 stores with a limited budget. Keeping the ad budget in our mind, we planned to target the 4 store locations & 20 km around each store. We generated 150+ quality leads at the end of the campaign.