September 18, 2019

BG Naidu Sweets

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    BG Naidu Sweets

Meeting The Client Requirements

Who says no for a sweet and that too when the manufacturers are more than a century old. We, team Internest with sweet people and we never say no to the sweet be it for tummy or web design.

BG Naidu is one of the oldest and favourite sweet stalls for the people of Trichy and around, which is well known for its own dairy farm milk sweets. They work with a passion in the heart to create an authentic and perfect tasting sweet for customers.
The project scope includes creating a new contemporary website design that is e-commerce ready, listing all the twenty-three branches in Google Maps, content writing with a briefing for all the sweet and savouries available in-store.

Our Successful E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce is a blooming invention that was not undertaken by many people but our team made efforts to make it successful with our unity and dedication. We have uploaded new product images with related SEO names to make the customers aware of each and every single product available in the online store. We made a Payment gateway integration using Razor pay that would benefit all online payments such as UPI and many more. After all these methods, the most important feature to be taken care of is the shipment. We made a new way of applying the shipping charges based on the product’s weight. There are also packages that ensure Free shipping calculation based on the product’s weight. For instance, the customers who have purchased above Rs.3000 would be assured to get Free shipping for their products. We have created coupon code generation for all festival seasons such as Diwali and Pongal. We have designed a new home page for E-Commerce which helps millions of people around the world to get their favorite food items at their doorstep.

Challenges Undertaken And Project Development

Given the exact requirements, we decided to proceed with our power-packed solution. After a detailed discussion, our team set forth to create an online solution that’s not only pleasing for eyes at but also a delight to use.
We ensured BG Naidu’s extensive history should be translated beautifully online. Our teams gathered all pieces of information to showcase their journey to success in depth. Taking everything we had learned about this admirable family and business, we built a new website with professional content and photography that highlighted their unique products and beloved recipes.
We designed the website that’s both beautiful and upfront about its purpose. The vast majority of our UX work focused on improving usability. On design, we spend enough time to get the images of sweets and savouries sorted. Our SEO team worked on naming these images and meta-tags to get ranked on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
Each sweet has a unique taste; we made sure that the briefing too. The team of content writers ensure to live up to the expectation. With a colourful design, an enriching user experience, and the brief regarding the sweets and savouries available in place, there is an uplift in brand perseverance.