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Google Business Profile Optimization
BG Naidu
BG Naidu Sweets Local SEO Internest Agency

The Need For GBP Optimization

BG Naidu Sweets, one of the renowned sweet shops in Trichy has 30+ stores in Tamil Nadu. BG Naidu faced a formidable challenge in managing and optimizing the online presence of 33 locations for BG Naidu across Trichy, Dindigul, Madurai, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Manapparai and Pattukkottai. Existing Google Business Profiles (GBP) were plagued with inconsistencies, duplicates, map pointer errors, and so on.

Discover how Internest addressed these challenges, transforming them into opportunities and streamlining the management of the Business Profiles for all 33 stores.


Mapping BG Naidu's Digital Path


Need to merge the 33 locations into a single group in Google Business Profile with individual store code.

Inconsistent Data

Incorrect details across the Google Business Profiles created confusion for customers and hindered local search optimization.

Grouping Fails

Repeated attempts to consolidate locations into a single group were rejected by missing IDs, address duplications and other technical hurdles.

Duplicate Profiles

Unidentified and unmanaged duplicate profiles diluted brand impact and sowed confusion among customers.

Reputation Management Gap

Low review volume across stores, limited social proof and reduced customer acquisition.


A Path to Online Efficiency

Internest tackled BG Naidu’s online chaos head-on. We standardized data, corrected errors, merged locations, purged duplicates, and boosted reviews, paving the way for a clear, consistent, and reputation-boosting online presence for all 33 stores.


Optimization Process

BG Naidu Sweets Local SEO Internest Agency

Data Standardization

Using meticulous attention to detail, Team Internest compiled a comprehensive Google Sheet with accurate Business Name, Logo, Phone Numbers and map pointers for all 33 locations.

Collaborative Correction

¬†Through frequent communication with Google support, rectified wrong information for each location, ensuring consistency and clarity across the brand’s visibility on Google.

Merging Process

Following initial grouping failures, we identified and resolved technical issues like missing IDs and duplicate addresses, enabling successful location consolidation on the next attempts.

Duplicate Detective

With high focus, we eliminated unnecessary duplicate profiles created by local dealers, streamlining the online presence and eliminating customer confusion.

BG Naidu Sweets Local SEO Internest Agency
BG Naidu Sweets Local SEO Internest Agency

Reputation Management

To increase customer’s voice and boost reputation, we insisted on placing QR codes in each store, making the review posting effortless and boosting positive feedback.

Verification Process

When Google mistakenly marked a store as a duplicate, we promptly rectified the error by providing accurate storefront pictures, ensuring that provide accurate information to GBP.


Achievements and Accomplishments

BG Naidu Sweets, a beloved South Indian brand with over 33 stores, faced a sticky situation: inconsistent online presence. Enter Internest, a digital marketing agency with a sweet tooth for success. They tackled the chaos, transforming it into a streamlined operation.