ARA Wealth Management

Web Design & Development
ARA Wealth Management

Meeting The Client's Stipulation And Requirements

ARA is a wealth management service, supporting many of their clients and their families since 1945 with the uncommon and holistic approach to their financial challenges. ARA Wealth Management joined hands with Internest Agency to build their website and increase the online presence.

Challenges Undertaken And Project Development

We started the project by getting a detailed content briefing about the business, history, milestones, services they offer and more. We also created a small pop-up where customers can find the mail Id and contact the ARA wealth management directly while entering into the website. This is very helpful for the customers to remember and created a chance to take action.

After that, we designed a “Association page” where it talks about the client association with the trusted financial institutions and trading companies. Next off to this we designed a service page explaining the client services in-depth and it helped the customers to know about the services better. We included an “Event Page’’ to list all the client’s meetings about the financial talk with the general public which helps to create a trust for the visitors. Overall the website provided good insights on wealth management and an introduction about the service offerings.