AR Rahman Live In Concert Trichy

  • Strategy

    Brand Awareness, Event Awareness, AD Campaign

  • Design

    UI & UX Design

  • Client

    Imaigal Entertainment


Promoting the
live music event online

When the decade’s first AR Rahman Live In Concert was scheduled in our city, Trichy, India and we received the label as “Online Partner” for the event, what could stop us from celebrating! There was a time when “Music Concert” was performed only in metropolitan cities. That time has long passed. These days, music lovers even in tier II cities can also experience live performances, thanks to renowned musicians and bands for this great evolution. The team Imaigal entertainment presented the brief to us about the event and their expectation digitally. We created the online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Website) and started promoting the event.

The marketing Strategy

We were just 45 days away from the concert and this is the first music event from Imaigal entertainment, they don’t have any online presence. The challenge was to increase brand awareness, reach and thereby increase the ticket sales for the concert in tier II city. Our plans were to capitalize on brand ARR, reach out to local city Facebook pages, fan groups and Instagram profiles. We created the event on Facebook by the beginning of 2020 and parallelly started engaging the audience with daily posts. Along with the content development, we developed and managed an assortment of social media advertising campaigns, while A/B Testing different variations.

Brand ARR

The event organizers were new, the positive side for us brand AR Rahman, his legacy, fan base. We witnessed the drastic response for the event as soon as he accepted himself as co-host for the event.


The content was key to discovery, engagement and the retention of fans. Every day our content was new. At every step of the campaign, a moment was created to excite fans and drive the conversation.

City Pages & Group Sharing

We know the power of local pages on Facebook and that’s why we collaborated with multiple pages from various cities, who agreed to join hands in spreading awareness along with local groups.


We induced Rahman fever in Trichy and nearby cities with the help of contests. We conducted 3 contests and provided the event tickets to the contest winners, this helped to make the event reach multiple locations.

Paid ads

We widely used Facebook video ads, carousel ads, boosted posts and event boost. We Boosted posts to elevate the status of a well maintained Facebook page with lots of concerts & Rahman information.


Themed with social media posts our website is also designed in such a way to attract the audience. Together, as one the lasting impression of an honest concert can keep it up with you.

Our Design Works





As part of our broad targeting, we targeted people who are interested in artists who were part of the event line up, people who are interested in music festivals and similar interests. We used non-branded keywords as well as lookalikes. Lookalikes on Facebook created and reached new audiences who shared similar interests and activities. Given that this was the event Organizer’s first time using any digital advertising, the results were very strong. Some key statistics that show the extent of the success. Within just a short span of 43 days and with just 59 posts we were able to create
Post Reach
Ticket link clicks
Post Impressions