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Ammikal Restaurant, a well-established dining destination in Trichy with two bustling branches, is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, spanning South Indian, Chinese and authentic Chettinad dishes. Catering to a broad audience, the restaurant provides an extensive menu at various price points.

Challenges & Solutions

Despite its culinary excellence, Ammikal faced specific challenges:

Limited brand visibility in online
Low social media engagement
Visual content on social media that falls short.

Our Objectives:

Ammikal Restaurant aimed to address these challenges through the following objectives:

Increase brand visibility and recognition
Revamp social media creatives for a more modern and appealing aesthetic


Video Production:

Social Media Execution:​

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Visual-Storytelling Through Short Videos:

Incorporating short videos, we embarked on a journey to narrate the visual story of each dish. From the careful selection of ingredients to the intricate cooking techniques, we created compelling visuals that brought the culinary experience to life. This approach not only satisfied the audience’s curiosity about the “thokku saapadu” experience but also served as a powerful tool to communicate Ammikal’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Food Photography Highlight:

In complement to our emphasis on behind-the-scenes insights and interactive kitchen moments, we recognized the significance of visually appealing product photography. Our team collaborated closely with Ammikal’s chefs to capture the vibrant colors, intricate details, and exquisite presentation of each dish. These captivating product photographs not only showcased the final masterpieces but also became a vital component of our social media content.

Final Result

The implemented solutions led to measurable improvements:

In summary, By strategically integrating product photography alongside behind-the-scenes narratives and interactive kitchen moments, we ensured a holistic visual representation that resonated with our audience, reinforcing Ammikal’s commitment to quality and authenticity at every stage of the culinary journey.

Brand Visibility
Social Media Engagement & Followers
Experienced a notable rise in positive Google Reviews, emphasising the enhanced brand perception.

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