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Productivity Tips For Small Business

Productivity Tips For Small Business

Every day I used to work on many projects and mostly I used to work for extra hours. I used to keep myself very busy on learning about and working on all the projects, even after doing great efforts the results were not as expected. One day my colleague who knows about me very well asked me to concentrate on one work for a day and not to work for extra hours, I followed it for one month and the results were amazing.On that day I understood the being busy is not being productive. The Large business is ready to invest a huge amount on productivity, but for small business? so these are the easy steps to make optimum utilization of the available resources

Everybody seems to be busy all the time, but the real question is whether it is productive? 

         A small business is always opened with huge hopes of changing the world, but in the beginning, before achieving success, they had to face a lot of problems to taste the success. The main problem faced by them is productivity and efficiency because the business revenue depends on how productive and effective the work is.

Being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same. Many people keep busy to avoid taking action on things they are afraid to pursue -Lauren markler

Being a small business everyone will be busy in focusing on many works but the important question is how many hours they have been productive. Productivity is not merely being busy; it is the way of concentrating on the work and bringing out effective results. Productivity within the organization shall be achieved with the following steps

 Grouping / Time Management 

          The main way to be productive and get the optimum result is to manage the time properly. It is necessary to group our everyday work into categories. Allocate necessary time to each group and do the task on allocated time. For e.g. if one has to reply to all emails and also few other works, if he/she is going to reply to all the email as soon as they come, they cannot perform any other task. Rather they can allocate separate time replying to the email when they can reply to all the emails.

   If you want to be more productive you have to be the master of minutes

To-Do List & Not-To-Do List

          TODO list seems to be common which consists of the all the task we have to perform. Just like to do list everyone should prepare a NOT TO DO list which should consist of the entire task which they should not do in the work time. By preparing this list we can find out the areas which are diverting us from being productive so that we can make sure that we don’t spend time on those tasks. For e.g. the main diversion from being productive is sitting on personal email & social media, so if we are going to make a not to do list and mention this we can control the time spent on our personal work during office hours.

Don’t Multi-Task

          The main drawback which is prevalent among the small business is Multitasking. Since it is a small business everyone will have n number of tasks to do, but that will result in reduced productivity. The best way to overcome this is to do a single focused at a time. When we do a single task at a time we can become a master of one area after which we can learn the other areas too.

Don’t Procrastinate – Run along with the time 

          If we are going to sit and think about adapting to the new changes we will never start adapting and in meanwhile we will become outdated. We have to adapt to new things and only after we get into it we can convert it to the way which is suitable for us.

Eat Properly 

          Many might question on what is the relation between eating and being productive at work, but it is directly related to each other. If we have taken our food properly we don’t feel tired which in turn makes us put the optimum effort of ourselves. If we don’t take food properly we will feel hungry during work hours which will make us feel tired too resulting in less productive. So one has to learn to eat properly.

 Productivity is never an accident. It is always the end result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts- Paul Meyer 

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