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The Simple Online Réclame For Restaurants

The Simple Online Réclame For Restaurants

Food is the nectar and Restaurants are one of the heavenly places where it is available on Earth. The most common hangout location in recent times is “restaurants” because of this reason there are “N” number of restaurants available in each and every location, so the customers have a wide variety of choices, while the customer base for each restaurant has been decreased. Every restaurant’s intention is to have more people into the restaurant to try the food and concept.

          Promotion is key to fulfil the intention. A restaurant may have the best chef, the friendliest staff, and the tastiest dishes and still lose patrons to a restaurant down the road, which has a better marketing strategy. Promoting is a very big process, there is “n” number of ways to promote business one among those is promoting business online. Here are the interesting ways to promote business online.

Don’t Let Them Arrive At You — Go To Them!

          A strong customer base will be achieved by making the customers come to the restaurant. This is actually the first & foremost step as well as the difficult step too, but once succeeded the number of regular customers will automatically increase. In order to achieve this, the easiest way is to promote the business online because if the business is promoted online, customers will come to know about Restaurant and so many may get attracted and give their first visit to the restaurant.Once a customer entered the restaurant they will be attracted by the taste of the food and ambience, so they will turn out to be a regular customer.

Online Ordering

          Next interesting feature is “Online ordering Facility”. In this busy world, many have lost time to move out for eating food, and so the demand for home delivery has increased. If a restaurant has this feature, the business will automatically grow, as they will refer their friends to try it. Moreover, a customer will give their feedback for every dish they try, so it will help to increase the demand and will act as a digital WOM.

Social Media

          Having a page in social media is one of the important ways by which one can directly interact with the customer. One can create the page on Facebook here.You can check out its benefits here.Subscribing to a restaurant’s social accounts may not cost anything, but a customer is still investing their time, and you need to make it worth their while. It can be done by following ways

  •  Open an album of photos and videos

               This is the main point in having social media account. A gallery is a place through which we can convey our ideas, new dishes, new themes etc…A properly maintained gallery with attractive photos and food processing videos will give customers a feel to eat at the restaurant. Perhaps many might get attracted by seeing the photo gallery, so maintain a proper and regularly updated photo gallery.

  •  Surprise Party

               Conduct either photo/caption contest regularly and announce the winner and value their time, One of the most creative and fun ways of giving your followers real value is to offer a secret free dish/ menu to those who win the contest. Perhaps you can offer a free dessert. This will make your followers feel special and will help to get bodies through the door. It should also result in some nice WOM!

Provide Happy Hours Offer Online

          The business might go well at night and daytime, but during noontime, it might seem dull, so announce those hours as “happy hours” online and upload certain unique coupon codes for each customer who visit your website/ social media page and give those customers discounts or freebies who approach on happy hours with coupons, by this way, the restaurant will be busy always and will increase the brand value.

      The promotion of your restaurant should be a fun process. And by thinking outside the box and having a willingness to try new things, you could not only enjoy your marketing efforts, but they could seriously pay off.


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