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The 90 Minutes Of Breath, Belief And Turning The Corner

The 90 Minutes Of Breath Belief And Turning The Corner
The stadium is shined with a lot of people and fireworks, waiting for 90 minutes game, Oh I’m sorry not a game but it’s a ‘War’ called Football. Lot of Emotions, Goals and Defeats. We can see the diverse emotions of the addicted football fans here. More than a game, they watch it as a battle between two nations which will be mixed with of happiness, sorrow and more.

Before take off:

Before the start of play, you can hear people chanting their team name with full of energy. Fans belong to the particular team will join as a single-family but without knowing each other because they belong to a single religion named football.                          

At National Anthem:

During the national anthem, all will stand along with the players of their favourite team and sing along with them and probably cry, which shows the unity when joining the hands for football. After the completion of a national anthem, all will set for the game by forgetting everything in the life for next ninety minutes.                                 

First Half:

“Yes! Let’s go” for the Entertaining first half. Basically, the first 15 minutes of the match is just constant cheering and enthusiasm that seemingly knows no limit. When the home team scores a goal fans feel overwhelming because their team has taken the lead which will give more confidence. At that time all will feel an “Ice cool” moment by taking a long breath. Another team supporters who are behind the game feel extreme rage because of the mistakes made by their players and also hurts personally which leads to Dead Silence.

Second half:

After the small break, the second half is being kicked off. The real game starts now. If an opportunity is missed a big sound of ‘oh’! will be heard from nook and corner of the ground. A small child prays for his team to hit the ball at the back of the nets to level the score. if the prayer helps?? Yes, the goal is scored and the scores are level. Home team can’t believe this that they opponent scores, but they didn’t lose the hope still continued cheering.

Last ten minutes:

The last ten minutes of the match ground is filled with full of nails I mean “Nail Bite” match. Nervous faces, Shivering legs, Raising heartbeats and so more. Home team strikes again …  people supported for the home team flying in the sky without wings. Someone removed the T-shirt and thrown into the ground without his knowledge because of that finishing goal. But what about the opponent team and their fans, they can’t control their emotions and also not ready to accept the defeat. At last, the game is over! the home team won the match and also millions of the heart who supported them in a difficult situation.


The losing team fans show their frustration by kicking away the bottles into the ground and going back full of tears in the eyes and keep struggling to get out of this situation even after some days. They also hate the whole team without any personal reasons.

Final thoughts:

Emotion plays a varied role in our life. Accepting the defeat is the first thing to be remembered in all the stages. Life should not end up with silly reasons. The fact was that a 15-year girl died for the Brazil defeat in 2014 FIFA world cup, which is not acceptable and make everyone sad who are more sensational. Another fact is about the people who face the tough situation but come back very quickly. The incident took place at the quarterfinals match between Japan and Belgium in 2018 FIFA world cup. Japan was defeated by Belgium in the last minute which was a big disappointment for them. But they come out very soon and also cleaned the stadium instead of damaging it. Even the Players of that team cleaned up their Dressing room and Thanked with a small message.

Life has both peaks and valleys, so you should give a strong comeback to handle the other problems.

Apart from that, If anybody noticed I mentioned the team who is going to be the winner of the current FIFA world cup 2018 in this story at the top. Can you guess who is going to win this FIFA world cup:

Image Credit: The official page of FIFA

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