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Unlocking The Google’s Digital Unlocked

Unlocking The Google digital Unlocked

2017 January has a lot of remarkable events for the world to remember, one of the such and most important event in the field of digital marketing is the Google’s launch of Digital Unlocked. Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Google in collaboration with the Indian School of Business and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to promote digital awareness and to help small-scale businesses and startups by providing online as well as offline training to go digital in India.

Digital Unlocked is created to provide a starting push for small as well as medium business in India. They believe that technology plays an important role in the growth of the small and medium business by providing them access to new market and explore new ideas by digitizing their business and power utilization of the internet. In simple words, the main objective is to provide knowledge and a better understanding of how the digital world works and how anyone can take the offline business online. Many of us have, hands-on experience in the digital world but not a clear picture of it, so this will be useful for newbie as well as experienced people to get a clear picture of how digital world works.

The Internet and digital technology will be an engine of growth for the Indian economy. Today, anyone can become an entrepreneur, a developer, or a creator, but it is important that they have the right tools and skills to digitize. We believe it is important for us to invest in training and equipping these individuals and small businesses to accelerate their journey of growth.


How does it work?

This is one of the great and interesting large-scale training campaigns by Google. It has 26 badges (unit ) consisting of 106 lessons. The lessons are available in Hindi & English (Online only in English) and are provided at free of cost so that many could get benefitted from the program. The training shall be accessible via both online and offline.

This consists of lessons from scratch which comprises of topics ranging from marketing fundamentals to search engine optimization and analytics and also how to set up a website with proper keywords. Their primary objective is to provide complete information on the online arena for each and everyone. Each lesson consists of a video presentation with a customer testimonial and on completing each lesson one will have a small interactive test, and after each unit, there is a small multiple-choice test.


You shall access/ get registered for the course here. You will need an E-mail Id (preferably Gmail) to sign up for the online course. Also you shall approach training provided at FICCI for the Offline course.

On completing all these lessons, you will get a certificate from Google. More than just a certificate, on completing all the lessons, you will feel happy on gaining knowledge, and will never feel waste of time. On completing this any entrepreneur will get better insights on online marketing and this certificate is as valuable as a digital marketing certificate from other institutes. Also, this will be an added badge in the resume for job seekers.

Ya!!! It’s 2018, but still many don’t know about this, I hope this blog will be an icebreaker at least for few so that many businesses commence their journey in digital world.

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