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Facebook – A Shout-out Site For Brand Awareness And Engagement.

Facebook – A Shout-out Site For Brand Awareness And Engagement

     In the February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg came up one of the powerful platforms of social networking that is FACEBOOK. Even Mark Zuckerberg would not have imagined this massive growth within few years. Now Facebook has become the important part of our life. For many people especially majority of teenagers, the day begins and ends with Facebook. Facebook has nearly 2 billion active profiles as of recent survey. Facebook is a place where anything we post reaches entire part of our world. Many people after knowing its potential started to use it as one of the marketing tools. Now it has become an important part of marketing as it is a creative and interactive way to achieve goals, drive traffic to sites and importantly create brand awareness about the product or service.

“The question is no longer whether we have a Facebook page, but the actual question is how well we are using it “

 All the business, small/big has its own Facebook page. They promote their brands and increase the customer base/brand promotions from there. When one starts a business many things have to be taken into account, of that most important thing is to have a Facebook page. Having Facebook page is very important because of the following.

Brand Awareness:

                Every day there is a new brand available in the market. To have a strong customer base it is necessary to have a properly functioning Facebook page. When a Facebook page is properly maintained targeting our correct audience, the brand will reach the target audience which in turn leads to sales conversion.

Customer Interactive:

           Facebook is the main way through which a business can speak to a customer. Whenever the product /service are up to the mark, customers will leave a positive comment. If there is any issues in the product/ service, the customer will tell the complaint where one can check on it and immediately respond them with a remedy. Even responding properly to a negative comment increases the brand value of the business. Through Facebook Page one can easily analyze the taste of the customers as well as their demands.

No Cost Promotion 

        Unlike other kinds of brand awareness campaign, this is the most cost efficient way. Facebook page is absolutely free and we can post the details of the business there, it will reach all our target customers and their friends. Facebook already has people addicted to it which means that one does not have to look for customers – they are already there. We can promote the business easily at Facebook @no cost.

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Loyal Customer Development 

           Loyal customers are a treasure to any business. A business lives strong and long only when it has loyal customers. Building such a big base of loyal customers is the challenge as well as the most difficult task for a business, but this loyal customer base can be easily built by properly utilizing Facebook Page. All you need to do is post links and content that is both relevant and useful and makes the page more interactive and efficient.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

                 Search Engine Optimization is a key aspect for anyone who wants to build a significant presence on the web. All the links and posts on the page are indexed by search engines. So having a page flowing with continuous relevant content will definitely give you a jump in search engine rankings this will help in ranking the page in Google when people search the business page.

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