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My Internest Internship Experience

My Internest Internship Experience
This is Elakiya, an emerging MBA graduate, basically from down south of Tamil Nadu. As the first year of my MBA came to an end, I was intended to do an internship. The hunt for an internship began in April. Google search! While surfing the internet, I was dazed by many internship offerings through so many websites, the search results dwelled me in a paradox.

At last, Google crawled me a stroke of luck. And the windfall is called Internest Agency, one of the best SEO marketing companies. I came here and got a confirmation mail on the day itself.

First week

The first day at Internest, all the faces were new to me. I couldn’t accustom with anyone so quickly, it took a week for me to interact with the team. At the start of the second week, I started to blend with them like we were workmate for such a long time. We shared food and talked to everyone on the team. 

First Month

Started to communicate with the adjoining company of internest, White & Black during lunchtime in the pantry and I bind with them in a shorter period. Happy that I took part in organizing the 14th year celebration of White & Black and also got rewarded for the same. 

Last Month

I started to work more sincerely than in the past month. My understanding of digital marketing has increased dramatically. Prepared a questionnaire for the academic project, frequently visited the university for the project review. With a lot of travel, the days were gone little hectic.

Last day

 Collected insights for the project and got the project completion certificate. They sent me off with good wishes.

         The high expectation in my internship is to understand Social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization, where I had no prior experience in and my expectations are fulfilled at Internest. Here I learned about the ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as did some backlinks as part of SEO. Internest taught me a lot beyond Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, I learnt how people here work wholeheartedly and smoothly as a team for the common goal. They spared many hours for me in spite of their busy work schedule. They cared for me, mentored me and shaped me into a knowledgeable person. This internship gave me an idea of what kind of role and working culture I will continue in the future. I was rejected by so many companies, and it turned out to be a blessing for me. The lessons I have learned here will not be forgotten for eternal and it gave me immense satisfaction. The experience I have gained here is beyond price. I came here as a grounded caterpillar and now Internest gave me the wings to fly confidently to search for opportunities in the world. Now I become more sure about my future. It stood as a significant breakthrough in my life and the whys and wherefores for all the success in my career will be Internest. It’s my privilege and pleasure to be part of the Internest for at least two months.

Thank you, everyone, for considering me as a valuable and trusted member of your team. Thank you for being so kind and help me to grow. Now, I set off to university with a pack of new skills and experience.

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