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The Start Of Mom & Pop Store’s Digital Journey

The Start Of Mom & Pop Store’s Digital Journey

Mom and Pop store is very unique, unlike the stores of these days which are making profits by sales, these stores make encash their trust. Mom & Pop stores are also called as grocery stores are small stores located near to the residential area which has the target audience of just nearby local residents. Grocery store owners will know each and every customer and residents by their name and while purchasing they even speak about their personal matters, and by this way they build relationship and trust among their customers.

 The departmental/ Grocery stores played and play a great role in our life. Until early 2000’s the Mom & Pop stores were flourishing but with the advent of supermarkets, hypermarket and multi-chain stores, the business of Mom & Pop stores has been significantly reduced and by now 2017 nearly 40% of Mom and pop stores business in India have gone to hands of super and hypermarkets. In the recent research, the organized retail market projected to cross $2 trillion by 2025 and households shifting their purchasing preferences to these multi-chain supermarkets & online stores while small mom-and-pop stores have been thrown on a back-foot.

We Internest agency is recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company on DesignRush. The Local retailers have to keep on adding innovation to their business every day, in order to prevent this situation the Mom and Pop stores started working on their digital presence, so here are the few of the steps basic step taken and the changes they faced.

Going digital

Many Mom & Pop stores even small stores in urban areas have started having collaboration with large E-commerce sites like Big Bazaar, Big Basket, Flipkart & Amazon, which is serving as a lifeline for them. Many e-commerce sites have started having tie-ups with small Mom & Pop stores.This helps the local Mom & Pop stores to come online, and by this way, they can increase the sales through E-tailing, as it helps both in delivering fast and increasing the sales.the idea is to provide consumers with a smooth and a real-time delivery experience. The tie-up makes it a win-win situation both for Mom & Pop stores as well as the horizontal E-commerce players.

Local listing and online advertisement

The Next important done by the grocery stores in the local listing, they have listed their stores with the local guides like Just Dial & Sulekha. This helps their brand to reach a huge number of Local audience, who are in need of their products. The Mom & Pop stores have started online ordering service, this has increased their business to a greater extent. The Mom & Pop stores have started online advertising these days, highly-targeted advertising is simple and cheap these days because sometimes all you need is to communicate over the right internet forums to reach the target market.

Social Media pages & web pages

The habit of having social media page is recently growing among the departmental stores, many stores have started their own social media page and groups through which they easily communicate to their previous customers about the offers and special discounts.

Some large Mom & Pop stores started to open their own website for the purpose of getting listed online. This helps the Mom & Pop store owners to be shown online, and because of this, the customers will start to prefer the listed store as it will be well known to them.


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