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Is Digital Marketing A Boon Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

Is Digital Marketing A Boon Post COVID 19 Pandemic

Is Digital Marketing A Boon Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

Are you still wondering how marketers are going through the hardest times of their lives during this crisis? After all, behind every crisis, there is hope along with opportunities (i.e) digital marketing for crisis management. Let us have a look at how the digital marketing landscape has been a helping hand to people across the globe.

The Need for digital marketing:

After Pandemic, the world was upgraded to the ‘New Normal’ where Digital Marketing took a surge not only in enterprises and large brands but also for small & micro businesses. This paved a way for new developments, to engage more audiences and its effective use. Digital Marketing connects a business with its audience when they are online and is effective in all industries. It helps to connect businesses with ideal customers through social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , E-commerce, etc.

Reasons why digital marketing is most compelling & continue to grow after COVID-19 lockdown:

Unlimited Opportunities: Digital Marketing keeps in mind what the consumers expect from businesses during a crisis and adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly. It’s pretty obvious that more companies are prioritizing social media as it’s one of the best ways to reach your target audience. This way has led many people to sign up for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms looking to connect socially, but they also use social media to look up reviews, check out new products, and see how different brands interact with their followers.

E-Commerce Growth Expansion: People are using a wider variety of social media platforms after the pandemic with the increased number of essentials. Digital Marketing offered ways for online shopping with door delivery. Many consumers are comfortable with shopping online. Thus, it encourages companies to expand their growth by bringing an upliftment to branding and awareness campaigns which automatically leads to a boost of sales.

Job offers: Since the COVID-19 crisis has affected the working community to a large extent. Companies offer a ‘magical key’ called “WORK FROM HOME” as people from remote areas are given the opportunity to work and gain income from their homes. Digital marketing played well in targeting the right resource for the openings through promotions. Employees could attend conference calls, meetings, client calls through various applications like ZOOM, GOOGLE MEET, MICROSOFT TEAMS, etc. and they are also connected with their teams all the time.

Online Education: Students were highly benefited from their studies through online classes, and online examinations. They were permitted to learn and relearn through online books and question papers whenever they were in need. Digital portal helped students to learn and take a test from the comfort of their home . This made a tremendous change in the field of education and helped various students to achieve their desired dreams through online studies.

Cost Efficiency: Digital marketing is economic when compared to other forms of marketing, though prices may vary depending on the nature of the business, at all odds, advertising is considerably cheaper.

Accessibility: We live in an era where smartphones are the primary source of tools for all classes of audiences. Marketers use this as an opportunity to promote their services based on the customer’s satisfaction.

Flexibility: In a digital world, promoting services can be done in various forms, including Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more. One can expect higher growth using marketing methods such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more. A perk of digital marketing is free to test and stop low-performing campaigns.

You must be wondering how Digital Marketing is going to have an impact on the economy during the COVID-19 crisis?

Here are some ways of implementing it:

Update communication strategies: To keep your audience engaged and focused by spreading awareness on various trends and brands. Content is the kingpin of Digital marketing. Better the content, better the views. Social media is the best platform for people to showcase their talents to gain fame and popularity.

Imparting knowledge: During the pandemic situation, there is a sudden rise in the percentage of students enrolling in online courses. Sites like UDEMY, COURSERA, and many more have learned well to sustain their business during the crisis.

Engaging with experts: Find opportunities to attend various webinars organized by experts in the respective field as they are there to guide and answer any queries. Note down the key points like tips for customer satisfaction, how to drive traffic towards a website, and other fundamental ideas that can be a key to a successful marketing plan.

And the most engaging feature would be the :

AI featured software : Chatbot, an AI (artificial intelligence ) software that can simulate a conversation with the user in a neutral language through messaging, websites, or mobile apps. It is one of the most advanced software that is primarily used for interaction between man and machines.


If you take some time and analyze the situation, you won’t find much difference. We are still living from a business point of view. The only thing that has changed is the mode of marketing and selling. Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, the younger generation still preferred a digital lifestyle and relied more on online shopping. The crisis may lead to a change in the thinking process irrespective of all age factors. Are you ready to adapt yourself to a Dynamic Environment?

What do you think?

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