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A Day Of A Digital Marketing Executive At Internest Agency

A Day of A Digital Marketing Executive At Internest Agency

Inspired by the interesting posts about what other people get up to in their day to day working life, I thought of sharing about my typical day as a Digital Marketing Executive at Internest agency.

Being a startup, I learnt a lot of new things in a short span of time, here @ Internest Agency every day is a new challenge, new treasure hunt, and new client. As you know, working in a Fast-paced and full-service digital marketing agency, every note requires immediate attention sometimes immediate reactions are also required, so here no day or hour is the same.

My day begins by 7:00 A.M as soon as the alarm goes on, I hit the snooze button (maybe few time), and so by the time I am fully up it would be half past 7. Bright Eyed with a pro outfit, I aim to reach office by 8:50 A.M, so the next 10 mins, I used to spend time by chatting about the trending news about celebrities or any other interesting events, happened. The work time begins by 9:00 A.M. Every day at Internest begins with a small team get-together, where we plan out about the work schedule for the day and also by appreciating those who have completed the day before’s task with a chocolate. It is very energizing and gives us a positive spirit by beginning the day with appreciation. We use Project tools – Trello & Slack, which highly helps in completing our task & collaboration. Every client is unique with a different set of task to be accomplished, so we create different client boards with work schedule to get a clear picture of work progress.

Arriving at my desk, I like to catch up on the emails from clients, and set out my task for the day. I will receive everyday updates from the newsletters and online publishing platform like medium and question-answer sites like Quora, which I have subscribed for, so will spend around 30 mins to update my knowledge about the happenings in the market. I update my knowledge by reading many blogs from Medium, and by posting your doubts in Quora and get it cleared. I will then check on Social media, working in the digital marketing felid it is important to spend a valuable time in social media to analyze the trends and to check on the insights. As a digital marketer, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration. I will make note of interesting ideas or trending video or post, Whenever I come across.

After spending quality time in social media and getting the idea for the next post, I will switch over to check on the client’s AdWords. I will find ways to optimize it and get the desired results. I will make the necessary adjustments in keywords, as the keywords priority keeps on changing every day. Around 1:00 P.M every day there is a learning session @ Internest Agency. Internest Agency is a young company which is just 8 months old, but the Digital marketing industry is tremendous, so my Manager will teach every day a new topic for all of us @ Internest.

Lunch call goes around 2 p.m, and I will spend the lunch hour by chatting with my colleagues and scrolling my news feed. As soon as the lunch gets over” the crazy hour begins”, It is soon after the lunch and nearing the end of the day, so the stress to complete the job haunts each and every one of us, just because each one of us are crazy for chocolates and everyone aim to win it from my manager the next day. After the lunch, I will start creating the posts for the day for all my clients with the help of the PromoRepublic and Canva. Followed by which posting them in the social media using the content management tools like buffer & Hootsuite for Facebook, linked in and Twitter while there is Gramblr for Instagram.

It will be around 4:30 P.M while I complete all these tasks. There will be around 1:30 hrs left for the day to complete. It is during this time, I will start to work on the blog posts for my clients. Before the day gets complete, I will have a few spare mins; I will check up on my task and sort the Emails and other files in the proper manner during that time.

Once the office gets over, I spend a quality time chitchatting with my colleagues. I live just a few kms away from the office, I make sure to spend enough time with my family and friends because it is always good to balance the work and life.



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