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60 Seconds In The Digital World

60 Seconds In The Digital World

Time this is the only thing which not even the world’s richest man can buy. At the same time, this is the only thing which is enjoyed by everyone in this world. Every day is precious for everyone. We spend a lot of our time wasting on silly things without knowing the real value of time.

To know the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To know the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train.

To know the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.

As the saying goes time is the most valuable thing one can ever have. A lot can happen in 60 secs. Every Minute the world undergoes different changes, so here let’s discuss what changes happen in the digital world, every Minute.

Everyday internet users are increasing and so the digital world gets more traffic day by day. As a result of every minute, there are lots of data is being processed. The most predominant website used is “GOOGLE” every Minute Google processes over 3.8 million search queries out of which many are done by teenagers, so the SEO optimization and ranking keep on changing in Google every minute. Followed by Google, the place which has more traffic is Social Media. Today people spend most of their time in Social Media of which Facebook is the most important one. Every Minute in Facebook is equal to Million minutes, as it has a huge user base. There is 3.3 million New post in Facebook every minute. Whereas 65,972 photos are uploaded every minute on Instagram which is growing Social Media.

YouTube has more Traffic next to Google & Facebook. YouTube makes an estimated $10,654.49 every minute, at least 1,388 channel subscription happen and 500 hours of videos are uploaded every 60 seconds, with at least 2,777,77 videos being views in just a minute. Then the Most Important thing is Message Transfers, the messages are transferred either in the form of WhatsApp messages / Emails. Every minute over 234 million Messages is sent, out of which 29 Million is contributed by WhatsApp & the remaining by Email. WhatsApp users share 347,222 photos Minute.These numbers are increasing every day, every minute and every second. These are just the data of very few websites, there are “n” number of more websites on the internet. With the right infrastructure in place, Communication and Media providers can reduce the costs and significantly increase revenues. As you can see there is so much noise on the Internet. A minute is not just a single minute in Digital World it comprises of Millions of Minutes. Every minute is a special and important so don’t waste time simply spend it with care. Time is the most precious thing one can ever have, so use it properly once gone time can never be brought back because

“Time and Tide wait for none”

Reference: https://artplusmarketing.com/itonlytakes60secondswhatcanhappen

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